Start Your Legacy with pBuzz

Discover the joy of music in seconds, learn to play in minutes and enjoy for a lifetime.

More eye-catching than a recorder, lighter than a drum and easier to play than a xylophone - pBuzz makes for a magical, musical playtime.

pBuzz is brand new musical instrument from Warwick Music Group, the makers of the pBone and pTrumpet. Designed to encourage young children into brass playing, pBuzz is the perfect fun alternative to the recorder or other traditional first-time instruments. Easy to play, brightly coloured and lightweight for little hands, pBuzz provides the first step on any child’s musical journey. 

Image removed.The team behind pBuzz are encouraging people to introduce the youngsters in their lives tomusic and playing instruments with their Start Your Legacy campaign, which encourages people to reflect on their musical legacy and the journey they have taken as a musicians and music lovers. 

Following the successful launch of pBuzz in the UK last summer it was recognised as an outstanding education resource, winning Gold the 2016 Primary Teacher Awards. pBuzz is set to introduce a new generation of musicians to brass instrument playing. 

As with all of WMG’s instruments, pBuzz is robust and does not dent or scrape easily- making it the perfect instrument for children.