Sportsequip introduces new types of Timber Fitness Trail Equipment

sportsequip have introduced brand new types of timber fitness trail equipment that can be supplied and installed at a fraction of the cost of steel outdoor gym equipment.

Stretch Stations™ are the most cost effective option and are designed to be used independently, without any fixed equipment. Stretch Stations™ provide gentler, easy to use, standalone exercises for school users. Each Stretch Station™ offers users a choice of two exercises (from a choice of 30).

Gym Trails™ are all low level, low impact and low cost exercise round log timber units which eliminate the risk of falls from height.

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Both the new Stretch Station™ and Gym Trail™ ranges can be used in conjunction with the standard timber Fitness Trail and PT Trail™ ranges adding more variation and warm up/cool down exercises at the beginning and end of a trail.

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Also introduced is a full range of Illustrated Instructional Signage (over 100 in all) that can be sited next to fitness stations to demonstrate correct and alternative usages for each piece of equipment. Illustrated Instructional Signage helps users make the most of, and benefit more from each trail. Each sign displays two appropriate exercises.

The header and footer of each illustrative sign can be customised with the trail name and can incorporate providers logos, crests, and also sponsors or benefactors names if required.

All Fitness Trails, PT Trails, Gym Trails™ and Stretch Stations™ are available as supply only products, or supplied and fully installed by our professional teams.

sportsequip have been supplying and installing Fitness and Physical Training (PT) Trails throughout the UK for 20 years. Their UK manufactured, timber outdoor Trail equipment can be found in schools, academies, colleges, universities, clubs and MOD locations all around the country.

For more information on the full Fitness Trail range, and in particular the new Stretch Stations™, Gym Trails™Illustrated Instructional Signage and customisation options please contact sportsequip direct on 01858 545789 or e-mail Full details can be viewed on