Software company launch new solution for schools in response to increasing demands on Careers Leaders

Grofar have launched a new software solution for schools, an integrated set of tools that enables Careers Leaders to improve the service offered to students, save time and meet statutory guidance more easily as well as helping them to achieve the recommendations set out in the Gatsby report.

The start-up company has created the platform in response to the Government’s drive to increase students’ aspirations and ensure that students leave school "prepared for life in modern Britain". In April 2014, the Gatsby charitable foundation produced the "Good Careers Guidance" report by Sir John Holman, who identified eight benchmarks for what good career guidance should look like.

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Grofar’s careers solution helps schools to meet each of the Government’s statutory guidance key points. For example, the complete range of features can be used in the comprehensive Grofar Careers Solution, or a school may prefer to just use Grofar Careers Plan. This tool generates a career plan which can then be hosted on the school’s website, in line with Gatsby’s benchmark recommendations.

Speaking of the launch of the software, James Robertson, Managing Director of Grofar, said: “In 2013, OFSTED commented that only one in five schools were effective in ensuring that students were receiving the level of careers information that they needed.  We carried out our own research and it’s clear that Careers Leaders currently lack the tools that are required to do their job well and that a software package could reduce administration and make the careers programme for schools easier to manage.

Grofar offers a great cost-effective solution to schools. Using the information from their existing MIS system, it will help them to meet the key requirements of the Government’s statutory guidance, as well as develop the career aspirations of students from a young age.”

The cost of Grofar’s software package starts from £495. For further information about Grofar, including the features of the Grofar Careers Plan and the Grofar Careers Solution, please visit  or email .