Raynor Foods Catering for School Lunch Requirements

Award-winning chilled food manufacturer Raynor Foods specialise in food for the Education sector.  They supply sandwiches, rolls, wraps, snack pots, salad pots, hot eats and sushi to schools across London and the South-East of England.  


The company knows how important it is to offer school children a range of products that appeal to their palates, and compete in terms of presentation with products they might find on the high street.  


Their school-focussed brand, Bite! was created with younger people very much in mind.  Simple, single ingredient sandwiches and rolls, plus a few funkier favourites that appeal to the teenage palate have made the range a winner in schools.  With high impact, brightly coloured packaging, it appeals to brand-savvy youngsters who will often simply walk out the door and buy something on the high street if they don’t like the choice in the school canteen.

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The main Raynors menu is much larger, with a large range of tortilla wraps, sandwiches and rolls featuring heavily on school grab and go menus.  Favourites are the southern fried wrap (actually, steamed chicken goujons, just with a southern-fried style spicy coating) which appeals to the KFC generation and Chicken Fajita, riding on the back of the enduringly popular Mexican style food trend.  Hot eats such as the British Breakfast Wrap offer fast-food style breakfast choices much loved by sixth-formers, but with all-British ingredients.


Halal Sandwiches and Wraps


Raynors are very aware of the importance of providing a Halal choice on their menu, particularly for schools in London.  The company was unhappy with the quality of halal sandwiches available to their customers, so when they built themselves a brand new factory in 2016, they refurbished the old one and turned it into a standalone halal manufacturing facility.  


Raynors have worked with the HFA for advice and certification, and are proud that they can provide a BRC AA grade halal range that meets their own high standards for quality and flavour, with a menu of products suitable for a wide audience.


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Catering for people with food intolerances is a high priority for everybody these days.  Raynors produce a number of gluten free products with a dedicated Gluten Free manufacturing team who make their gluten free rolls, sandwiches and salads in-house.  The company chooses to use Genius breads in their gluten free sandwiches and rolls, because their tasting team think they taste the best, and gluten free consumers like the familiarity of a trusted bread.


For more information about any Raynors product, contact the company on 01245 353249 or via their website www.raynorfoods.co.uk