Pupil’s one step closer to WINNING £5000 in Vikings Young Inventors’ competition

5 Pupils have been shortlisted in a national competition to win £5000 for their school to spend with Viking and a Cannon EOS 1200D package for themselves worth £346 (Inc VAT).

The competition, run by Viking the provider of everyday essentials to schools, encouraged pupils to utilise their imagination, and expand their vision of the potential advancements to their everyday stationery items in the classroom. Pupils had the choice of inventing a design for their classroom that was either fun, futuristic or eco-friendly.  

Hundreds of entries were received and have now been shortlisted down to 5 entries with 1 lucky runner up to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet worth £178 (Inc VAT) for themselves and a Swash, Classmaster and Show me bundle worth £250 (Ex Vat) for their school, and the top prize, for the winning pupil, an amazing £5000 for their school to spend with Viking and a digital camera worth £346 (Inc VAT) for themselves.

Judges were blown away by the creativity and innovation demonstrated in each entry, all of which clearly fit into the fun, futuristic or eco-friendly category.

The final winners of the Young Inventors’ competition will be announced in October.

Andrea Kenna, Director of merchandising at Office Depot and Viking said: “We have received a tremendous amount of entries and it is very promising to see that we have budding inventors in schools across the country. To get down to 10 entries has been very difficult as there have been so many great ideas entered with a purpose to improve their school life. I am sure we are on our way to finding the next great invention for the classroom that will be used in years to come.”