Placement programme at Impero finds new talent


Taking the time to engage, inspire and support young people is an investment that is paramount to developing a sustainable future. The development of academic skills in young people starts from an early age, but when is applicable, work-related skillsreally introduced? 

There’s a plethora of ways for young people to get engaged in employment,including apprenticeships and part-time work. But what about those who are still in education?

Universities provide students with the option to participate in a ‘sandwich degree’. This allows the student to take a year out (usually upon completing their second year), to work in industry. 

What’s in it for the students?

By giving students the opportunity to experience a year in industry, they gain valuable knowledge of the professional work environment before completing their chosen degree. Completing a student work placement allows the student to put thetheoretical knowledge they learnt at university into practice and, in turn, helps to put their degree into better context. 

With many employers requiring experience from potential candidates, essential skills such as teamwork, interpersonal skills and time management are refined in a placement year which, of course, can be used interchangeably within any chosen job role.  By adding depth and breadth to both existing and potential skills, the student becomes a more desirable candidate; this means their chance of successful employment after graduation dramatically increases, which is paramount in such a competitive job market. 

Gaining an understanding of developments within a specific sector allows students to attain specialist knowledge, which gives them the opportunity to determine which career path they wish to pursue, while ensuring that they stand out from other candidates in future graduate positions - after all, differentiation is key!

Image removed.What’s in it for the company?

Bringing fresh, innovative and devoted placement students into the business, significant value can be introduced to the organisation. Commitment and loyalty, combined with determination (for both themselves and the organisation to perform well), students aid in increasing motivation and enthusiasm across the company.Furthermore, a pair of fresh eyes on the processes and procedures set by the organisation allows for new ideas and visions to be implemented. 

By providing students with the opportunity to develop themselves both personally and professionally, employers can identify desired skill sets and therefore provide the organisation an opportunity for future recruitment, as well as affording the student the opportunity for future employment - win, win!

Impero’s placement programme

E-safety classroom management software company Impero have started their bespoke placement programme more than two years ago by recruiting an Information Management and Business Studies student into the role of Marketing Assistant. The knowledge brought to Impero by the student, as well as the skills developed throughout their placement, benefited both the company and the student momentously - so much so that, following her graduation this summer, they’veinvited her back to the team as Impero’s Marketing Executive. 

The team at Impero recognise the benefits of a placement programme and that’s why they’re delighted to have welcomed recently another five placement students from Nottingham Trent University across the business in sales and marketing roles.