Online safety video


This powerful online safety video show there's so much schools can do to monitor and potentially help pupils and their families.

Impero Education Pro monitors the school network for keywords, in line with the UK Safer Internet Centre’s ‘appropriate monitoring’ guidelines, as specified in the DfE’s statutory guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education. When a keyword is detected, whether in an application, typed or present on a website, the incident is captured, timestamped and logged (with a screenshot or video clip, to provide ‘who, what, where’ style information, putting the incident into context).

As these captures are logged the relevant staff are notified, and given a definition of the keyword in question, so that issues can be addressed. Armed with the relevant information, staff can open up dialogues with students and safeguard as appropriate. This approach is centred on identifying students at risk and tackling issues head on before they escalate.

Impero are often asked for advice in dealing with the safeguarding concerns, detected by Impero Education Pro, and are keen to support customers beyond the identification of these issues. Racial bullying, grooming and substance abuse, for example, are all very different, yet equally complex concerns and identifying them is just the first step in safeguarding young people. This is where Impero i-Safeguard comes in.

Image removed.Sam Pemberton, CEO, Impero comments “Our software has been helping schools to identify potential safeguarding risks for years, and we’re often asked about the best way to handle these issues when they occur. Launching this online training hub is the next logical step for Impero, as we help schools better understand these threats and how to respond to them. We are pleased to have partnered recently with safeguarding experts, Victvs to launch Impero i-Safeguard – having worked together on seminars and to develop some of the keyword policies in our software, we are constantly impressed with their knowledge and experience when it comes to safeguarding young people.”

Impero iSafeguard is available now and will be showcased on the Impero stand at Bett 2017 in January.