Online Platform Set To Improve PE And Sports Delivery In Schools

A new online platform to help improve the delivery of PE and sport within primary schools has been launched.

Leeds based PE Partner developed SPIRALPE™ in partnership with senior teaching professionals and Physical Education specialists to provide schools with a practical and highly efficient way to engage, develop and measure progress in PE and school sport.


At the heart of the platform is a teaching framework and curriculum including 252 lesson plans, updated at the start of every academic year, which work together in a ‘spiral’ to build and develop the full range of physical literacy within an overarching spiral framework.   

Other features include video tutorials, a 57 point PE report for each child, an activity and impact report and a teacher self-assessment tracker.


Nick Powell of PE Partner says: ‘At a time when the health and fitness of our children is a major concern schools need more help than ever with PE and Image sports. Teachers are under huge pressure in other subjects and they often lack confidence in their general planning, delivery and assessment of PE.  


‘SPIRALPE™ is the perfect tool to address these fundamental issues by providing a ready-made, carefully planned solution at the touch of a button with the ultimate aim of improving the effectiveness of PE and sport for staff and pupils.’

Hannah Young, PE Subject Leader at Morley Victoria Primary School near Leeds, says: ‘SPIRALPE™ lesson plans are practical and well thought out and provide lots of opportunities for children to repeat and progress tasks to develop their physical literacy.


‘I love how the curriculum focusses very much on teaching transferable skills and not the old fashioned schemes of work approach – it means the kids don’t get bored or disengaged as there are always new challenges to meet.’


For more information please contact PE Partner on 0113 322 6115 or visit