Mighty Writer: The Revolutionary New Literacy Resource That Gets Results

Teachers are praising a groundbreaking new literacy resource that helps 4-7-year-olds to learn grammar, punctuation, syntax and storytelling.

Revolutionary new Mighty Writer uses picture tiles to help children construct sentences to tell stories. They stick the tiles to soft-touch mats and toolbars using hook and loop fastening.

Mighty Writer teaches speaking and listening, composition, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation in an easy way that enables children to engage – and reduces teacher workload.

Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are represented by bright and memorable pictures and shapes to help teachers deliver powerful and memorable lessons in literacy.

Mighty Writer is the brainchild of Bournemouth teacher Emma Ralph – former Assistant Head at Hillbourne Primary School, Poole – and her husband David, a management consultant.

Teachers and literacy advisers are hailing Mighty Writer a major success after the Ralphs launched it in March 2016 at the Education Show, NEC, Birmingham.

In pre-launch tests, teachers scored Mighty Writer an overall 9.67 out of 10 for helping children to learn vital literacy lessons:

• Have they made significant progress? ​​​​                                10/10

• How engaged is the child?​​​​​                                                9.79/10

• Are the children interacting? ​​​​​                                             9.64/10

• Does Mighty Writer encourage them to speak?​​​                 9.86/10

• Are they keen to write their sentences on paper?​​              9.57/10

Teacher Sarah Booker of Castle Court School, Corfe Mullen, Dorset said: “The children loved Mighty Writer – it really engaged even the reluctant writers.Image removed.

“Children went from writing a couple of lines to half a page within hours. Suddenly they began to write reams – it even motivated them to write at home too.

“They quickly developed their ability to write more interesting sentences and use a wider range of punctuation,” she added.

Emma Ralph said: “Mighty Writer transforms the way children’s writing is taught and learnt. It enables young children to become independent, confident and capable writers very quickly.

“We wanted to simplify the complex process of learning to write – and to enthuse children of all abilities.

“Mighty Writer equips teachers with a powerful and easy-to-use resource that saves time. It doesn’t overload them with complex new learning materials like some teaching tools,” she added.

Mighty Writer is proven to raise literacy levels significantly. It supports the teaching of the 2014 National Curriculum and helps to prepare children effectively for SATS tests.

“We have designed Mighty Writer to be simple to use. It caters for a wide range of abilities and allows teachers to differentiate effectively – enabling children to reach their full potential,” said Mrs Ralph.

“It teaches the whole process of learning to write...from planning and editing to creating complex and sophisticated stories.” 

Mighty Writer retails at £349 + VAT (plus delivery). Each pack includes:

• a large mat (164cm wide x 127cm high) – it can be used on the floor or suspended on a wallImage removed.

• two retractable (and removable) poles for wall hanging

• connective/conjunction tiles and toolbar

• punctuation tiles and toolbar

• two toolbars with 88 images of transport, living things, objects, settings and weather

• 18 green, orange and red sentence mats

• blank tiles (so teachers can customise lessons) plus arrow tiles (to guide children from sentence to sentence)

• a zipped storage bag and a tile bag

• access to online training videos and printable blank story maps.

View the website http://www.mightywriter.co.uk to see Mighty Writer in action. Watch the video on the Home page.

Contact Mighty Writer Ltd Director Emma Ralph for more information: +44(0)1202 251126, emma@mightywriter.co.ukwww.mightywriter.co.uk