Local Worcestershire school is the first to collaborate with Berlin based piano learning platform,

 Bringing technology to the forefront of traditional music teaching

As schools adapt to the necessary and imminent integration of technology in education, Bishop Perowne Church of England College in Worcestershire has become the first school in the UK to use an online piano learning platform to assist in the teaching and learning ofmusic students. 

In 2016 a partnership began between Berlin based start-up Skoove (www.skoove.com) and Bishop Perowne College, with the aim to fully incorporate Skoove as a classroom tool to aidmusic lessons throughout the school. 

Reason behind the project

Recent research, as published in the British Journal of Music Education, found that school children between the ages of 11-16 who were taking instrumental lessons, attained higher levels of academic success in GCSE Maths and English than their peers. The study contributes to the increasing, international evidence which demonstrates that playing an instrument has a positive effect on academic attainment.  

Despite this mounting evidence, creative subjects are suffering increasing cuts in education, making it more important than ever for schools to look for new and innovative ways to revolutionise classroom learning with technology. 

Skoove (www.skoove.com) is a piano learning platform and app, that uses audio analysis and carefully constructed courses to help learners - whether novices or experienced players, to practise and learn classical and contemporary music. Skoove has been committed from the onset to bringing the benefits of technology to the forefront of music learning and integrate this into an educational environment. When Ashley Buxton, Director of Music at Bishop Perowne College contacted Skoove, it provided a great opportunity for both Skoove and the school, to utilise the developed technology in order to enhance students’ music learning. 

How the project works

As a cable free platform that requires simply a computer and piano or keyboard, Skoove was easily integrated into music lessons across the school. Both experienced players and beginners were able to follow the curated courses available on the platform to learn the instrument, as well as skills such as composition, improvisation and music reading. Bishop Perowne College’s use of Skoove has, in fact, been so successful that the school is now in the process of exploring the possibility for the platform to be tested as an assessment tool for music learning. 

Director of Music, Ashley Buxton, says

“Skoove is a superb supplement to music education within our school. It is a motivational tool that broadens, deepens and consolidates musical learning. With the class fully engaged in their learning, Skoove gives us the opportunity to spend quality one-one time with students who require extra support within the classroom. I would recommend Skoove to further the learning in schools and look forward to their future apps."

The future of the project

The success of the collaboration between Bishop Perowne College and Skoove, indicates the strong potential for further incorporation of the piano learning platform, and technology as a whole, into the education system. As the relationship continues, Skoove is beginning to look closely at the benefits of combining innovation and traditional teaching methods of piano learning. Undoubtedly, if proved positive, these results have great potential to compliment and advance traditional music learning across all schools. 

In the meantime, following the success of its collaboration with Bishop Perowne College, Skoove welcomes the opportunity to explore relationships with other school’s educational programs.