How a Story Can Improve Your Child's Mental Development.

Stories are probably as old as language.  We have a deep attachment to many stories of which Bible stories are an obvious example.

Stories are at the root of our ability to communicate and understand what's going on around us. Most of our ways of understanding the world are told as stories in one form or another. Our understanding and our memory are closely intertwined so it is no surprise that stories are a very useful tool for teaching and to aid our memory. Whether you wish to learn a set of directions, the names of a group of new friends, a recipe or your times tables, by developing a story around what you wish to learn is a simple and powerful way of doing it.

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It should come as no surprise that storytelling is brilliant for a child's mental development. Stories are attributed to improving memory, problem solving, increase literacy, encourage abstract thinking and boost linguistic skills. It is this idea of using a story to aid memory which was the answer to a problem that faced Sally Lomax author of Times Table Town.

Her youngest daughter was having trouble remembering the 7 Times Table. She understood the Maths behind the Times table but couldn't recall the answer when asked . Georgie was like many children needed a story to wrap around the Times Table to give her the visual image she needed to provide the answer.

As soon as we had turned the number 7 into a character (Angle Man) and invented a story around him meeting the other numbers, she got excited because she had an answer to every multiplication in the 7

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Based on the instant success of the 7 Times Table story Sally wrote stories for more Times Tables (including the 1 x table for under 4's to help them learn their numbers) These stories are available as printed books, downloadable e books. Due to the interest from teachers, the stories have been turned into videos which can be shown on the class room white board and used as a teaching aid or watched on a laptop or tablet. The number characters in the stories have been well thought out. You'll may even recognise some of your family members!

To meet the characters and download the free colouring sheets  go to