Help your Child to Beat the Post-Camp Blues

Summer camps are incredibly fun, but when it’s all over the post-camp blues can start to settle in. 

How can parents maintain the same level of fun, excitement and creativity as a summer camp?

Well, by looking at what makes activity camps so much fun we have a few ideas to keep the fun all year around!

No Parents allowed! 

Activity camps are just for kids, which means they get some time to relax, have fun and hang out with their friends without their parents pestering them. 

The remedy: Most kids will start to explore their independence at camp so joining a newclub or sports team will help them maintain that independent spirit. It gives them that time away from their parents and encourages them to make new friends. Many schools offer clubs at lunch times and after school for free, so see what your child’s school has to offer. If you’re child isn’t already involved in weekend activities, get them active and away from technology.

A New Group of Friends

Making new friends can be hard for some children, but at an activity camp the fun and games make it easy to build new relationships. You might make friends with your badminton partner and hang out with each other for the duration of the summer camp. We know that making friends is easy when you’re having fun!

The remedy: Stay in contact with the other children your child becomes friends with. The children might go to a different school or live in the neighbouring town, but keeping those relationships will mean that your child can have a new set of friends to meet up with, and keep the blues away. 

Exploring Activities that your Child has Never Tried Before

Activity camps let children explore activities they’ve never tried before. At a summer camp your child could go to a drama class, play fencing and go swimming all before lunch time. That’s a lot of fun in the space of a few hours! 

The remedy: Get your child exploring new pursuits that they haven’t yet discovered. Starting a new hobby is challenging which means that it keeps boredom away. 

There are so many new hobbies to try: from picking up a new instrument, learning how to code with a free online course, to learning the rules to ultimate Frisbee and going to the park with some friends. 

Don’t Let the Fun Stop

We know holiday camps are fun, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there!

As well as summer camps, Barracudas runs Easter Activity Camps, see individual camps for opening dates at each venue and carry on the fun next year.