Harriet and Hannah are St Mary’s new Head Girls


Harriet and Hannah have been named as the next Senior School Head Girls at St Mary’s School for Girls, Colchester. They take over duties from current Head Girls Megan  and Emma and will be serving until the start of the Summer Term 2017. Year 10 pupils Harriet and Hannah will begin to shadow Megan and Emma straightaway by taking a lead at the school’s open days.

Throughout the course of the school year their responsibilities will include welcoming parents at parents’ evenings, touring visitors, giving speeches at prize giving and the carol concert and organising next year’s leavers’ book and prom, as well as overseeing taster days for younger pupils.

‘Since starting here in Year 7, my confidence has improved so much and this is all because of St Mary’s’, said Hannah, from Maldon. ‘St Mary’s really is a family, and I am privileged to be a part of it.

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It has given me so much over the four years I have been here, including unforgettable opportunities with unforgettable people, this has allowed me to become the mature individual I am today.’ Said Harriet, from Colchester, whilst giving her hustings speech, ‘I think ‘you’, the individual, are the most important part of St Mary’s. Without you, it is nothing. A team, a school, a family, or any unity is made of individuals, and it is you that makes that organisation successful. By helping one another, and by looking after one another, we can flourish and make a successful team.’ 15 Year 10 girls applied for the positions of Head Girls for the coming academic year and gave their hustings speeches to pupils and staff. They were whittled down to a shortlist of six, who were then interviewed by the current Head Girls and the Director of St Mary’s Senior School Miss Anwen Jones and Head of Year 10 Mrs Jude Johnson. ‘I am delighted that we have been able to appoint another two such worthy Head Girls,’ said Miss Jones. ‘I have every confidence that Harriet and Hannah will be a credit to St Mary’s and will set an excellent example to other students. I very much look forward to working with them.’ For more information, please contact Nicky Adams or Joanne Kay, St Mary’s School for Girls, communications@stmaryscolchester.org.uk, 01206 216418