Escape Mobility - Providing evacuation solutions

Escape Mobility has been established since 1987 and has a vast amount of experience in providing evacuation solutions for various business sectors. Escape Mobility has a strong and supportive focus on understanding the needs of people in educational buildings and how to evacuate them safely in the event of an emergency.

Evacuation specialists at Escape Mobility can help you to identify if you have the right evacuation equipment and emergency plans in place so that students, teachers and any visitors to your school can be evacuated safely.

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In the educational sector, there is a whole other range of factors to consider. While students are the primary demographic, it is also important to plan for visitors and teachers who may have restricted mobility and require the use of evacuation chairs. There may also be mobility-restrict students on the property, and it is crucial that you are aware of which students will require assistance, in the event of having to leave the building if there is an emergency evacuation or indeed a power failure. Have you considered how those with mobility issues can evacuate from your school – that mum in a wheelchair, the injured student on crutches, that grandparent with a walking stick?

Equipment like evacuation chairs and evacuation mattresses are crucial during emergencies to ensure [[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"285","attributes":{"class":"media-image alignright size-medium wp-image-7981","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"200","height":"300","alt":"mattress trap 3"}}]]that everyone can escape quickly and safely.

Once you have purchased our high quality escape evacuation equipment, we have a team of expert trainers who provide training on using the products, in a safe and controlled manner. By understanding your needs as a provider of improved education for every student, member of staff and visitors, we are not only flexible in our delivery, but we ‘build’ the training sessions around your business. We also have team of skilled service engineers that carry out mandatory maintenance inspections on escape evacuation equipment.  Due to our vast experience, we are also able to carry out servicing on other types of similar evacuation chairs.

Escape Mobility is with you every step of the way. So why not call us on 0844 800 1775 and speak to our experts in evacuating people safely.