Can Digital Apps Help Students With Their Educational Needs?

Educational resources have come a long way since the day of the humble copybook and pen. We now live in a world where digital resources are at our fingertips.

E-books, whitepapers and academic journals can be easily accessed and downloaded online. Online forums and intranet systems are in place for students to communicate with each other. They are also in place so that students can communicate directly with their tutors, teachers and lecturers, if needed.

One of the areas that is having a moment in terms of its usage for educational purposes is the ‘app’ or ‘applications’. For many students, university can be one of the greatest times of their lives. This is a time where they get to experience freedom for the first time. Yet, on the flipside, this time can also be stressful. This is due to exams, continuous assessments, tutorial and lecture attendance and the responsibility that lies squarely on the students’ shoulders to manage them all.

Apps are an incredibly efficient way of managing all that goes on during the educational side of student life and the mobile versions are increasingly popular. They can help students to find the optimum way of studying, assist with paperless note-talking, annotate citations for assignments, calculate numbers for graphs and even keep students on track with the revision they need to do in the lead up to an exam.

However, there are countless numbers of apps out there and not all of them are the best in class. This is why the experts over at Study Medicine Europe decided to put this infographic together which showcases some of the best options suitable for the educational sphere. So the next time you log onto the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, consider downloading and utilising one of the apps mentioned in this infographic, you never know, if could be the thing that really works for you!

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