The Bright Ideas Challenge

This week, Shell is launching a brand new national, curriculum linked schools competition - The Bright Ideas Challenge - which aims to inspire future scientists and engineers - to understand the role their STEM learning can play in shaping a more positive future for everyone.

The new challenge - which has an overall winner's prize of £5000 will challenge young people age 11-14 to assume the role of future scenarios planners and to use their STEM learning to imagine creative solutions to the types of energy challenges that cities in 2050 will face (by 2050 it's estimated that 3 out of four of us will live in cities).

The winner of this national challenge will win up to £5000 to super-size the STEM learning experience at their school.  11 runners up teams will each receive £1500, tickets to the Make the Future festival (detail below) and tablets for each team member.

Shell's hope is that the challenge will help young people to make the connection between their STEM learning and the ability to  make a positive difference to real world issues.  The challenge is just one of many initiatives that Shell is running in schools to encourage more young people from a greater range of backgrounds to further STEM learning and to consider STEM careers. Young people enter the challenge in teams of up to five and have to submit a Bright Ideas Report and can further back up their idea with technical drawings, prototypes and up to 3 minutes of video.

The challenge is supported by a host of resources including videos and ice breaker practical challenges all of which can be found here: