Benefits of Outdoor Play

As the summer months approach, it is the perfect time to get outdoors and be active.  Playing outdoors and being active is extremely important for early year’s children. Only 21% of boys and 16% of girls aged 5-15 are achieving the recommended daily levels of physical activity.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported findings of a study which demonstrated that the interest in exercise wanes during childhood, around the ages of six. It is therefore vitally important for children to engage in play from an early age. Playing outdoors and being active, not only builds physical development but it also provides a gateway to other forms of exercise.    


High quality timber playground equipment creates an engaging and welcoming area for children to engage in physical play. Playing outdoors not only provides the physical benefits, but it can be stimulating for the mind as children engage in imaginative play and communicate with each other as they develop their own games. Well-designed playground equipment, aids the imaginative play.

Playground equipment, is a fun way to get children being active, without them even realising they are exercising, making it less of a chore! Playground equipment could include a large structure such as a boat, to a simple trim trail consisting of balance beams and traverse walls, to provide a physical challenge to children.                  

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When planning an outdoor play area, it is also worth considering installing a shaded area for children to rest, especially during the summer. Shade sails provide protection from UV rays.

Hand Made Places provide a complete playground service, from the design through to completion, offering advice on playground equipment and outdoor classrooms to each individual schools requirements.