Avocor Case Study: Dauntsey's School

As part of Dauntsey’s School development plans, the ‘Olive Building’ was commissioned to be ready for the new academic year starting
September 2016. The Olive Building is dedicated to teaching Geography, Maths and Business Studies. As Head of IT Support Services at Dauntsey’s, Barry and his team started their search for interactive panel technology for the 14 classrooms in the new build. Barry was aware of the wide range of interactive flat panels available in the market place and after trialling several brands at the school he decided to visit BETT in January 2016, with the objective to review all of the available panels to find the best possible fit for the school’s needs and requirements. He visited the Avocor stand at the show and was particularly impressed with the demonstration of the InGlass™ Touch Technology*, ‘It had the wow factor when it came to writing and annotation’ said Barry. ‘I saw an answer to the problem many of the teachers were experiencing with screen lag and interference from clothing when using infrared based panels.’


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Avocor visited Dauntsey’s providing a demonstration panel to enable a more in-depth evaluation. With a panel on-site, Barry was ableto showcase the interactive panel to the academic fraternity to gain feedback and buy-in. The feedback was extremely encouraging and the decision was made to standardise the classrooms with the Avocor VTF panel with 4K screen resolution with the OPS slot, (Open Pluggable Specification). Six of the classrooms have the 65” panels and the remaining 8, dedicated to the Maths department, have the 84” panels. ‘The teacher’s comments have been very positive’ explains Barry, ‘they are delighted with the InGlass™ Touch, they find their writing is crystal clear regardless of where the pupils are sitting within the classroom and the fact the screens come with embedded Microsoft Windows 10 operating system to give teachers a device that they are familiar with has proven extremely popular, users are literally using the screens as huge tablets with little or no extra training.’


Barry goes on to explain ‘Avocor Note is also receiving favourable feedback, which allows the teaching staff to use as normal white boarding software. We are in the middle of implementing office 365 across the school estate and the teachers are enthusiastic regarding the utilization of applications like OneNote directly from the panel. We also feel that by choosing a panel with an OPS slot, we have future-proofed ourselves as we can upgrade the OPS when it is required without having to change the entire panel which could end up being costly.'

*InGlass™ is a unique and revolutionary technology and comes as standard with the Avocor VTF panel range. It offers responsive, smooth, intelligent and accurate touch with users getting a true tablet-like experience on a large format display at affordable pricing.

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