Kings Active Foundation, a charity established to get children active, is working to create additional resource to support schools providing critical childcare for key workers during the Coronavirus crisis.  

Their 500 staff are normally looking forward to getting children active over the Easter holidays but now they’re being mobilised to support the childcare efforts for key workers.  

Without the normal function of schools, providing childcare over the next 2+ months will be a challenge, especially to cover NHS children in sports hall with staff to support key workers shifts and weekends. So organisations like Kings Active Foundation are working to supplement the provision already underway in local schools.  

Their DBS-checked, qualified and motivated staff have experience of delivering engaging programmes for children – giving an ideal complement to the existing classroom-based provision. 

They are already in talks with NHS Trusts, the Police, local authorities and schools to better understand how they can support the national childcare effort.  

Richard Holmes, Chief Executive of Kings Active Foundation adds,  

“These are unprecedented times and we must use our resource and expertise to support the response to the Coronavirus outbreak together. The need for quality childcare isn’t going to go away and, by working with schools and agencies, we believe we can positively contribute to this national effort. Our Active Childcare model is deep-rooted in our mission to get children active, having fun and leaning together, whilst adhering to additional safety guidelines. It provides key workers and organisations with complete flexibility. Just like the many schools, agencies and local authorities we are speaking with – this is new for us too. By working together, we can combine our efforts to provide comprehensive childcare for the key workers who need it the most.”  

To speak to the Kings Active Foundation Active Childcare response team, email or call 0114 263 2150. Alternatively, you can find out more at

Picture News – taking the weekly news agenda into schools

The 24/7 news cycle, social media and ‘fake news’ make it hard for even the savviest to keep up with what’s really happening in the world.

Picture News is the simple yet brilliant new resource that enables schools to encourage children to question what they hear and read, to think around key issues and topics and develop ‘healthy’ news mindsets.

The Picture News team consists of qualified teachers. Each week they choose the latest big news story, turn it into a vibrant A2 poster with a thought-provoking question and create an assembly plan with British values, Key Stage1 and Key Stage2 focus cards. The materials are available to schools as a download or printed and posted direct to the school.

Promoting British values Picture News - a display board in school

Since 2014, teachers must promote five key British values and their promotion is inspected by Ofsted. To achieve ‘outstanding’ status schools must engage with and promote these values in a meaningful way and the Picture News service builds consideration and discussion of these values into all of their teaching materials.

Picture News is the brainchild of Early Years educational expert Katie Harrison, a mother of 3, based in Yorkshire and a former primary school teacher. Katie specialises in teaching Philosophy and Religious Education and is passionate about helping children understand and think critically about life’s big questions and issues. She also worked for a number of years in Education Sales and Training and founded Picture News with her partner Rob Harrison in 2015.

Since launching the service has gone from strength to strength with more than 1500 schools signed up.

The Picture News service is available in three levels suitable for:

  • Early Years
  • Primary School, and
  • Years 7, 8 and 9

Picture News - a captioned photo from the newsSchools can subscribe to the Picture News service as a hard-copy or email service with prices ranging from as little as £50 per year for email only access, to £300 per year for the full service where they receive posters and all materials in the post and via email each week.

For more information on Picture News, see the website here.