ZEISS Microscopy teams up with stars of TV and photography for The Big Bang Fair

At The Big Bang Fair this year, ZEISS are set to inspire the scientists of tomorrow with a full Digital Classroom set-up, a showcase of Microsculpture insect photography and the chance to win a science assembly with the BBC One Show’s resident scientist!

ZEISS are excited to be returning to The Big Bang Fair this year with the ZEISS Digital Classroom solution. With ZEISS digital microscopes and the Labscope imaging app, young scientists can be wowed by the intricacies of a creepy crawly, while their teachers observe the live images from a mobile tablet. With students of today living in a digitally connected world, the ZEISS Digital Classroom brings microscopy teaching into this digital environment.

New to the stand for 2018 is an interactive installation of ‘Microsculpture’ insect photography, showcasing the work of British photographer Levon Biss. Microsculpture is a ground breaking project that presents insect specimens from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History like never before. In an interactive showcase, these images will reveal the unexpected beauty and make visiblethe many intricate adaptations to the form of insects - what entomologists call their microsculpture.

Big bang fair

This year, ZEISS have also teamed up with the BBC One Show’s resident Scientist Dr Marty Jopson, to offer a fantastic competition. Visitors to the stand can enter a prize draw to win a science assembly for their school, hosted by the TV scientist himself. Marty's show gives you an insight into the ‘Invisible Worlds’, taking you from the very beginnings of microscopy, through hugely magnified insects, bacteria and plants to the most up to date fluorescent techniques - all demonstrated right in front of you. Don't miss your chance to be wowed!

Elsewhere at the show, TV star and ZEISS Ambassador Nick Baker will be hosting a ‘Virtual Pond Dip’ on the GSK Cube Stage at 1pm on the Saturday. Using his trusty ZEISS microscope, Nick will give the audience an opportunity to stare into the jaws of a Dragonfly, see the whiskers on a midge and find out why a water boatman has such a hairy bottom! Don’t miss this micro diving adventure, as Nick introduces some of his favourite pond life.

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