A more affordable Microsoft, for every learning style

from Microsoft Education UK 

Today, schools are facing increasing challenges as budgets are progressively shrinking whilst classes continue to grow every year, putting significant pressures on teachers to find the optimal way to provide the personalised learning that students need to succeed. Blended learning, combining e-learning with traditional classroom methods and independent study, is a powerful way to improve both the teaching and learning experience – bringing subjects to life and enabling students to learn in new and tailored ways.

That’s why Microsoft has introduced affordable, built-to last-laptops, that bring personalised learning tools and intuitive experiences to the classroom. These devices mean that, even in the biggest class, teachers can encourage and enrich each child’s education in their own unique way, offering accessibility and inclusion at affordable prices. Already around 73% of teachers say technology allows them to tailor their teaching to different learning styles, and Microsoft is giving teachers the tools they need so students can see, hear, write, ink, and do so much more, across a range of learning styles, from visual and verbal, to special needs.

Rugged hardware that meets the demands of the classroom, all day Microsoft Education UK - pupils using tech

As classrooms become increasingly mobile, with students often collaborating on projects or taking learning outdoors, teachers need the confidence that students can explore and learn on the go. As such, durable, lightweight devices that can take bumps and knocks and withstand the elements throughout the day are key.

These four ruggedized, spill-proof and drop-proof Windows 10 devices ensure that the classroom is never disrupted by accidents and can be used anytime, anywhere:


The 2in1 design of the Acer TravelMate and HP Pro Book gives students the seamless integration of Windows Ink – enabling pen-driven experiences including writing, drawing and annotating, which can spark up to 36% increases in favourable STEM outcomes alone.

Providing the tools that improve learning outcomes for every child

At Microsoft, we are proud to empower every child to achieve more with tools such as Microsoft 365 Education, Office 365 for Education and Learning Tools. We have already seen how tools such as Microsoft Immersive Reader have helped students with Dsylexia gain confidence and develop more profound independent working skills including greater reading fluency and accuracy. In virtual spaces that can be navigated hands-free or eyes-free, students can consume content in their preferred way allowing for inclusive communication, collaboration and learning.