Starting school or nursery? All you need to label everything.

When a child starts school or nursery or returns for a new term the amount of things they need to take, and bring home again, can be a little overwhelming but the Back To School Set from Easy2Name helps make it all a little less stressful for your child and you.

This is a great value set that includes 30 Stick On Labels whicStick On Labelsh are perfect for bottles, lunchboxes, sports kit, pencil cases and shoes etc., 10 Shoe Label Covers which go over the stickers in shoes, 30 EasyTape iron on labels for all sorts of fabric, a personalised shoe bag that can double as a swimming bag or games bag and a Bag Tag, a durable tag perfect for bags and instrument cases.

The Stick On labels are available in a range of colours with a choice of 2 fonts and you can choose a logo for the Bag Tag.

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