“Its cool to be kind”

Following my article published a few months back concentrating on my strong belief in the importance of educating kindness in schools, starting from the earliest age but most importantly continuing throughout the school years,  I am excited to let you all in on my new project. 

Having written and published my first book (Full Circle) a story geared towards helping troubled young girls, from approaching teens to those beyond.  A true story where I discuss and share my own experiences to hopefully inspire and empower others whilst helping them not to feel alone.  I realised that in order to eliminate the sadness and unkindness that is rife and is the cause of many more serious problems, affecting mental, emotional and physical health we have to stop the problem before it begins.

Educating kindnessBack to the roots

Like I mentioned in my previous article, it is the growing problem of bullying and unkindness amongst youth today, increasingly uncontrollable with the escalation of cyberbullying; online bullying, on social media etc. that cries out for kindness to be educated in schools as part of the curriculum. This needs to start from the very earliest age and remain consistent thereafter.  We need to tackle the problem from the root. 

Child behavioural patterns begin earlier than we realise so as we begin trying to educate them at home and school, towards the correct kind of behaviour we need the right tools to do so, that appeal to them too.  If kindness is taught properly and consistently from the start, enjoyed and understood it should simply become a way of life.  We can’t change things instantly but we need to do something and it needs to start now.

To be educating kindness he message needs to be fun. It needs to be positive, feel good and be attractive to young minds.  It’s cool to be kind! 

And so I created two bright, colourful, fun, loving characters, a boy and a girl, with a series of short, upbeat children’s stories to exclusively portray the message of kindness and how to action it in everyday situations.  The characters demonstrate in the simplest way how children should behave in frustrating and difficult situations that they may find themselves in on a day to day basis.  Circumstances that they and we all relate to. The characters show the nice way to approach and deal with things, how to resolve basic situations with kindness to result in a happy outcome.   There is a positive and upbeat feel to each story that should lift spirits and thus encourage them to behave in the same way.  Children should resonate and follow knowing the reward is smiles, good feeling and happiness. The more they do it the more they will understand and it should hopefully become natural.

I secured a publication deal for my first book, which is the introduction of the female character (release date end of April) I’m hoping to get this circulated in local preschools and will launch it here too.  Once the children are familiar with the character I hope to secure further deals for the rest of the series, which frankly could be endless.  So far I have ten simple books and I hope a success of these could lead to many more.

We need to try a new approach.  There aren’t any exclusive kindness focused cartoon characters as such – so by introducing these two with the hope of generating interest and developing more interesting stories for the children to enjoy and learn from, I hope to slowly change behaviour from the very starting point – until unkindness becomes a thing of the past.

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