Teaching’s coming home

Football may not be coming home but former students at Biddenham School in Bedford certainly are.

Twenty-five ex-Biddenham students have chosen to join the teaching team and work at the school where they studied. 

“I think that this is a great example of the way our students and staff feel about Biddenham”, said Head teacher David Bailey.

“That so many former students see the school as the perfect place to begin or further their teaching careers is a great endorsement.  It demonstrates their love for and confidence in the school that they want to continue to play at part in it and contribute to its future.  I am incredibly proud that this talented group feels this way and I know that they will be a huge and positive inspiration to their students.”

Dr Sally McGrath feels that coming to teach at Biddenham is the best decision she has made. “It's like coming home”, Biddenhamshe said.

“I feel a real affinity with the kids because they are my type of people. It also has a lovely vibe around the whole place and everyone is really friendly.”

Teacher, Danny Greenard said,

“I had been in teaching for 16 years when I saw a job advertised at the school. “I remembered my time at Biddenham with great fondness.  I loved the family feel and attitude of the school and know that this continues to this day and I want to play my part in this.  Students have always been treated as individuals at Biddenham, encouraged and supported through their journey at the school.  I was happy here as a student and even happier as a teacher.”

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