Counting Down With World Heart Beat Music Academy

Did you know that playing a musical instrument enhances more brain functions than any other form of learning? The amazing orchestra in our brain can plan, create, conceptualise, analyse, memorise and record details so much better when playing a musical instrument. Maybe it really does take a genius to win a Grammy! World Heart Heat Music Academy understands the power of music. Over 1,000 young musicians, many from difficult backgrounds, have benefited from the world-leading tutors and mentors who inspire and nurture talent at World Heart Beat. From September 2019, it will expand into a new cutting-edge music facility at Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms London where 100s of undiscovered young musicians will get the chance to thrive. However, the new World Heart Beat Music Academy requires funding from donations. Every day, students will learn and develop when they wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity – thanks to you.

World Heart Beat Music Academy Counts Down its Musical Top 10

10. Music and Brain Power

Neuroscientists believe listening to music stimulates neural networks to activate emotional, motor and creative functions. Play an instrument and the brain’s orchestra puts on a virtuoso performance. By using FMRI and PET scanners, studies showed musicians’ brain functions are enhanced in almost every way – the left for linguistic and analytical skills and the right to absorb new and creative content. 

9.  Playing Music Helps Flexible ThinkingCounting Down With World Heart Beat Music Academy

The brain’s ability to adapt and change through life is key for learning as well as life skills generally. Learning changes occur mainly at the connectors between neurons and studies show connectivity is more advanced through playing music than any other activity, including learning sporting skills or other arts subjects.

8. Play Music and All’s Well 

World Heart Beat is as much about enjoyment and loving music as it is learning. Playing music releases the chemical dopamine in the brain, triggering a sense of happiness and wellbeing. This is core to World Heart Beat’s culture, where music is a passion, not a chore. 

7. Music in a Heart Beat

Playing music has been found to modulate the heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory system. Steady, even breathing is used by yoga experts to help keep you calm and more able to face the multiple pressures life can throw at you, and an instrument can do this too.

6. Music and Motor Skills Development

In a study of school age children, those with three or more years of musical training performed better with fine motor skills and auditory discrimination abilities than those who had none. They also tested better for vocabulary and reasoning skills.

5. Playing Music Brings Back the Memories

Research has shown playing music can enhance your memory system, enabling your brain to remember things more quickly and efficiently than without it. Various studies in children have shown music helps to create, store and retrieve memories as well as improve attention to detail and there is a potential link to IQ.

4. Musically Mathematical

Reading music requires counting notes and rhythms and music theory includes many mathematical principles. Studies show some students who play instruments or study music after often better at mathematics at school and achieve higher grades than others.

3. Creative Thinking

Musicians have a tendency to use tags in their brain more efficiently than those who do not play an instrument – including conceptual responses, emotional associations and contextual audio messages. This allows musicians to solve problems both creatively and practically in academic and social settings.

2. Musical Power Thrives at World Heart Beat

The beneficiaries of learning music at World Heart Beat are often underprivileged young musicians who need a chance to flourish and develop through the top quality teaching, inspiration and unique social impact of World Heart Beat. Founder Sahana Gero MBE says: “If you believe in a child, then greatness really can be achieved. Our ethos is to extend the art of the possible, to take students on a journey far beyond their initial expectations. Music education helps those who struggle in school to thrive when they discover they excel in music and it opens up amazing doors for them. Music is truly transformational.”

1. Join the World Heart Beat Music Academy's In-Crowd – TODAY!

World Heart Beat needs to raise £430,439by March next year and has set up a new Crowdfund to achieve this. Developers EcoWorld Ballymore have already successfully pledged £375,000. The construction of the Academy’s new auditorium alone requires fundraising to the tune of £50,000. That’s £1,000 for £50,000 businesses or £5 each for 10,000 individuals with a love of music and respect for its power. Remember, this is for young people who would not otherwise have a chance to play an instrument but who have incredible raw talent. So why not join the World Heart Beat in-crowd today? You can make your pledge by visiting

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