West Pennine Storage Equipment

Our storage equipment catalogue www.westpenninesd.co.uk  has a wide selection of products to meet the everyday requirements of the warehouse and workplace. Over 90% of our products come directly from UK manufacturers ensuring value for money, quality products, good availability and product that meet British Standard


Lockers for Schools- We provide a huge range of lockers tailored to suit all

learning environments from Nursery to University. The range meets the requirements

for all educational establishments throughout the UK, including half height lockers popular with primary schools and for Leisure facilities; plastic lockers for outside storage when space is at a premium. For a more luxurious appearance consider laminates or high gloss finish making your school environment fun and bright whilst using space effectively.  Lockers can also be provide with sloping tops to deter placing of items.  Available in a range of bright colours and materials please call for a specific consultation for West Pennine Storage Equipment your school or college


Spur Wall Mounted Shelving for Schools is a versatile, durable and strong wall mountable shelving product that enables schools and colleages to make the most of any wall space available. Spur shelving is an inexpensive solution that cleverly uses available wall space to create new storage Based on the fixed wall brackets the multiple shelves can then be adjust to the require height whenever necessary.


Link 51 Floor Mounts Shelving Bays - Heavy duty, fully adjustable floor mounted steel shelving system offering simple fast assembly, Shelves are located on clips which slot into the upright, creating an extremely rigid structure in which shelves can be repositioned when required. With an efficient its modular design you can extend the shelving system at any time, to meet your storage requirements, with Easy clip together assembly, Each bay comes with 6 steel shelves which can be loaded up to 160 kg per shelf  & Available as Open All Round or with fully clad back and side.West Pennine Storage Equipment


Plastic Storage Boxes- Our antibacterial clear plastic storage LINBINS are designed for

specialist use in hygiene sensitive zones. Perfect for Schools, the antibacterial additive minimises the spread of germs and diseases. Meanwhile our Modular inter-stacking containers with vertical sides for maximum internal volume.  Designed specifically for stacking, a popular choice for schools due to their touch construction with built in labelling areas.


Cloakroom Equipment - Made in the UK, our modern range of cloakroom equipment available in Light Ash or Black Polymer. Easy to install the range includes single and double-sided benches, hook benches, wall mounted benches and wall mounted shelf and rails all with a host of options and accessories. All cloakroom units have robust frames constructed from 50mm round, thick walled tubing with welded joints for increased strength and durability and have anti-bacterial powder coating as standard.