32% say developing modern skills is the top advantage when using technology in schools

A recent survey conducted by an online label company revealed 32% of people said developing modern skills is the biggest advantage when using technology in schools. Overall 88% of people acknowledge technology has an overwhelmingly positive effect on students.

Technology is evolving at an astonishing rate and now influences all parts of modern life, from the way we communicate to the way we learn new skills every day. In today’s age versus old traditional ways, schools have access to the latest and most up to date technology for students to use to help with their studies, from iPads and tablets to Smart Boards.

A recent survey carried out by Data Label asked the question: “Do you feel technology in schools has a positive effect on children?”

Highlighted below are top results from the survey.

Top advantages when using technology in schools:technology

  • Developing modern skills - 32%
  • Access to learning resources and tools - 29%
  • Instant access to information - 18%
  • Enhanced traditional ways of teaching - 8%
  • Opportunity for individual learning - 6%
  • Special needs education support - 5%

Participants largely agreed that there were many benefits of having tablets for education. The older generation specifically can relate to not having today’s advances with technology, as 88% stated that they believe technology available for students has pushed them forward to learn and take full advantage of their education. Kids are able to learn in many different ways thanks to tech moving forward.

With the power of the latest software programs, online information and engagement, technology for young students is a much more intriguing and absorbing method for students to learn.

Other results from the survey:

“Completely all for and support the idea, we just need to make sure tech is used in moderation so we don’t allow students becoming socially separated.”

“If it’s preparing them for the future then yes absolutely, however if it’s distracting them from their studies then to be taken with care.”

“I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for individual learning, some software programs and tools can provide key learning areas for students that traditional methods cannot supply.”

Philip Carlyn of Data Label commented:

“Technology can certainly improve study, develop interactions and attract more interest for subjects. As technology improves and develops more and more, students will value these practices at a younger age and will be able to produce a more efficient flow of study and overall improve their test results. If we look back to the days of book sharing and only having limited access to computers each week, times have truly moved forward. Advances have even been made in schools around the UK thanks to technology, with the majority of schools now utilising iPads and tablets for all the young pupils in the classes now.”