Playinnovation: From fashion to modern art….how to inspire young people to fall in love with movement and fitness

We can’t escape the fact the UK is facing a ticking obesity timebomb with children not getting enough exercise and activity.  MUGAs are a great way to encourage young people to move more without it feeling like a chore

Gone are the days where children just want to play football, rugby, cricket, netball and hockey at school. There is a whole world of different sports available and also an eclectic mix of students that need to feel challenged and stimulated by physical activity and these traditional sports can sometimes dis-engage rather than engage in physical activity.

Playinnovation, the innovative games company is seeing an increase in demand from schools for more unique, fun, engaging and inclusive multi-use games areas (MUGA) and in many cases are replacing traditional ball courts for new, on-trend games courts.

Marco Boi, Founder and CEO of Playinnovation said:  “The range of products that we have developed and brought to market provide the perfect coaching tool to encourage children to play ball sports in a fun and imaginative way.  The games are engaging Playinnovation: From fashion to modern art….how to inspire young people to fall in love with movement and fitnessfor boys and girls of all ages and abilities and are fully inclusive.”

Playinnovation’s patented target games are all designed to increase and inspire movement and physical activity, create positive social environments and offer an unprecedented level of developmental outcomes.    

Marco continued:  “What’s great about multi-use games area (MUGAs) is that it’s your chance to be creative, some schools even involve their pupils to help design and bring to life the area.  We have a wide selection of surfaces and markings as well as the games and activities, which ensure your school MUGA stands out from the crowd and creates a versatile sporting venue.”

Playinnovation takes its inspiration from the world of fashion, sport, urban and modern art to create eye catching installations which once launched, are popular and well used.

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