Reducing Glare & Heat Glare in the Education System

There are thousands more pupils in the school system than ever before, according to figures published by the Department for Education

Between January 2017 and January 2018 the number of pupils across all school types rose by 66,000. Although some of this increase was still in primary schools, most of the rise is now seen in secondary schools; and in addition there are 5,300 more pupils in special schools. 

What does this mean? Well, it’s never been more important than ever to make sure pupil’s attention spans need to be retained in the classroom and to ensure (given that classrooms are filled with more bodies) that they do not overheat. 

Dealing with heat, glare and cooling costs is a common problem for many educational establishments. Specific challenges include:Reducing Glare & Heat Glare in the Education System
  • Glare issues resulting in computer screens, whiteboards and TX screens difficult to view.
  • Overheating can occur on warmer days.
  • Air conditioning systems can cost a fortune to run during the summer months.
  • Overheated workspace can cause discomfort and heat damage.
  • Glass conforming with building safety regulations.
  • Privacy & security issues in sports gyms, toilets and changing rooms.

But whether you’re a school, college or university, there are solutions that can help reduce or eradicate many of the challenges listed above to improve the surroundings for both staff and students, creating a positive learning environment.

The Solution: Solar Control Window Film

Classroom temperature levels are regularly discussed at the NUT annual conference as it can have a significant effect on the ability of teachers and pupils to concentrate. 

Solar window film solutions have solved various heat gain and glare issues that occur in classrooms, thus reducing temperatures and enhancing the teaching environment. 

Benefits include:

  • Up to 80% heat gain reduction
  • Up to 90% glare reduction
  • Improved whiteboard visibility
  • Increased visual security
  • Tamper proof installations with sealed edges

So whether you need to keep your organisation cool, or simply improve the viewing screen for pupils, Solar Control Window Film is the key.

There are window films to deal with Intense Glare, Solar Heat Gain, Energy Saving, Privacy & Security. Whatever you do, make sure you start taking the necessary actions now before the next British heatwave!

This article was provided by Lustalux, who have been working extensively with the Education System for over 25 years, supplying all types of window film, graphics and signage.