HoloMe has partnered with EF Education to bring Augmented Reality to academia.

Janosch Amstutz, founder of HoloMe, has proved that HoloMe has no limits when it comes to the realms in which Augmented Reality can be introduced. They started off the summer on the catwalk with fashion brand, Monki, and are now going back-to-school with EF Education First, the world’s largest international education company.

Amstutz announced that HoloMe’s Augmented Reality humans would be at the forefront of Education as they aim to give students a new experience when it comes to learning. The four AR humans present different aspects of studying abroad in their respective countries - they bring a little bit of their culture into your space.

On its International Language Campuses, EF combines communicative language training with cultural exchange and language immersion. All these aspects merged with AR creates an entirely new educational experience.
 After the launch of their collaboration on Friday, the application has provided a glimpse of what is possible through the use ofHoloMe has partnered with EF Education to bring Augmented Reality to academia. AR Humans in Education and it does not stop at introducing courses.

The idea of full courses being taught by AR humans is completely plausible through Amstutz’s technology. Once again HoloMe has taken an innovative approach to an everyday experience and made it more immersive and unique.