Bumbling the way to the top

New book series introduces entrepreneurship to children

A series of entrepreneurial books have been launched under the ‘Bee Enterprising’ Primary School Enterprise Education project. Leading the project is Sue Poole, Enterprise Education Manager at Gower College Swansea.


The series of six books, targeted at children aged five and six, aim to help children understand and gain important entrepreneurial skills needed not just in their working life, but daily life also.

The book series, The Bumbles of Honeywood, was written by Sue Poole and designed and published by Swansea-based creative and innovative agency, WATERS. The books, available in both English and Welsh, explore the mindset of enterprise and the skills associated with being entrepreneurial are not traditional skills that schools introduce to younger pupils. The aim, therefore, was to publish these books in a way that is written and designed to engage and encourage children of the target age, and not overwhelm them with complex information.


Sue Poole, Enterprise Education Manager at Gower College Swansea, comments on the process of bookdeveloping and publishing The Bumbles of Honeywood series:

“The Bumbles of Honeywood is a passion project. I was looking for a new way of engaging youngsters in entrepreneurial activities as soon as they entered full time education. The six stories were developed over a period of months and taken to WATERS as a concept idea.

“I collaborated with WATERS’ design team, who used their expertise and skills to take these stories and develop an incredible set of designs. I could not be more pleased with the results - it is as if they have seen into my mind and translated my ideas into these amazing high-quality visuals that clearly illustrate each story.


Rhian East, co-director of WATERS comments:

“We have worked closely with organisations and people who support younger audiences develop entrepreneurial skills for many years now. We have been involved with entrepreneurial start-up weekends and the Young Business Dragons enterprise competition, so our collaboration with Sue has added another string to our bow in this area.

“We believe The Bumbles of Honeywood series, as well as the ‘Bee Enterprising’ Primary School Enterprise Education project, is going to be extremely beneficial for children who are being introduced to the world of entrepreneurship. The books will help them develop and practice skills they can use not only in a career sense, but also within their daily lives.”