The Big Broxap #Cycle2School Giveaway

At Broxap we understand that the best way to encourage cycling in the long-term is by promoting the benefits of cycling to the younger generation, so this is why we’re announcing our Cycle2School giveaway competition, and it’s OPEN NOW! 

How to enter

1. Visit the competition page

2. Read our terms and conditions before you enter 

3. Complete the entry form, with your name, e-mail and school name, submit and then you’re in!

4. Once you’ve entered, get sharing your school scooting and cycling adventures on social media, but remember to include #Cycle2School on all your tweets or posts

In it to win in! 

Image removed.After you’ve entered your primary school, you’ll be in with the chance of winning a Broxap Sofco Junior Cycle/Scooter Shelter, worth over £1000!

The shelter comes with enough space to securely park six cycles and three scooters - giving your pupils all the more reason to start cycling into school knowing their bike will be safe and secure all day.

Stay Safe Out there: Top 5 Tips for Cycling/Scooting to School Safely

It’s important to everyone at Broxap that partakers stay safe while cycling and scooting to school, here’s how you can: 

1. Wear a Helmet - check that your helmet fits properly

2. Be Safe, Be Seen - make sure you are visible by wearing hi-vis or fluorescent clothing or bands

3. Be Careful Where You Ride - always avoid cycling in areas where common falls occur

4. Hand Signals - Signals help motorists know where you are going

5. General Rules of the Road - Follow the rules of the road, do not carry a passenger and keep both hands on the handlebars

For a more comprehensive guide to cycling/scooting safety, then download our safety PDF


The competition closes on the 19th June 2017 - don’t leave it too late! 

Any enquiries concerning this scheme should be sent to: