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Achieving the very best outcomes for children and young people

Achieve 360 provides counselling, behaviour and family support services across the north-west of England, working holistically and professionally with schools and the family.
Our work is primarily commissioned by schools and social care. Private referrals for individuals including adults and young people also form part of our services and are always welcome.

Who are Achieve 360?
The service was founded by Nicki Livesey in 2008. Nicki began her career working in a pupil referral unit in Preston. She went on to study for her National Learning Mentor certificate from Liverpool John Moore’s University. Nicki is also a qualified Hospital Play Specialist and became a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor in 2004.
Sue, the compliance manager, has been working with children and families for over 30 years, in schools and in children’s centres. 
Collette, the senior support therapist, is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and has an Advanced Diploma in Counselling. 

What does Achieve 360 do?
Nicki will come and meet with you or a representative and discuss offering a bespoke package to suit your requirements.
Nicki and her team are flexible to your needs, they work in both primary and secondary schools offering a range of services including person-centred counselling, counselling and psychotherapy, therapeutic play, support with behavioural issues and a holistic family support service. Counselling can also be arranged for issues including anxiety, stress, depression, loss and grief, separation, ADHD, Dyspraxia and school refusers. These comprehensive services are offered extensively across schools in the Northwest and demand has grown rapidly.

How do the sessions work?Achieve 360 teacher playing with young people
We offer a range of sessions:
• Therapeutic play – By listening to a child through play, this encourages the young person to explore his own world and feelings in a non-threatening environment. Therapeutic play is non-directive, which means the child will lead the sessions and not be asked direct questions.
Nicki and her team have worked with young children as young as 4 years who are struggling either at home or school with anxiety, low confidence/self-esteem, behaviour issues, attachment, loss and grief, separation and bullying.
• Lego therapy – Suitable for small groups of children (typically 3) who may be struggling with concentration and/or social situations. Collaborative play provides the opportunity to develop turn-taking, listening and sharing, problem sharing and communication skills.
Each child takes turns to be the builder, supplier or an engineer and follows pictorial instructions to build models supported by a facilitator.
• Animal-assisted therapy – Several of Achieve 360’s team are qualified to offer AAT either by bringing small animals such as guinea pigs, dogs and larger animals (such as Shetland ponies) into school for group or individual sessions. AAT is known to be non-judgemental and a wonderful tool to use in the counselling session, the goal of AAT is to improve a child’s/client’s social-emotional or cognitive functioning as well as educational and motivational. Ideal for clients diagnosed with ADHD, dyspraxia, autism, low self-esteem and bullying.
• Behavioural and family support – we firmly believe that a successful connection between, child, family and school is essential to a successful outcome. The success rate Achieve 360 has enjoyed supports this strategy and we have received exceptional feedback praising our work in this regard. Over the years we have supported many families through difficult times as well as with child behaviour issues and our extensive experience includes: ADHD, dyspraxia, autistic spectrum, separation, divorce, drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, and repossession – all of which can have a traumatic impact on a young person’s life and behaviour.

Visit www.achieve360.co.uk or call 07760 220306 for more information on Achieve 360’s services.


"Nicki has worked with children and parents at our school for over 3 years now. In that time they have supported parents with behaviour management, school attendance, financial and housing issues and general parenting advice as well as working with targeted children here.
Nicki has provided play therapy and one-to-one sessions with many children in their work here. Staff and parents notice an amazing difference as a result of Nicki’s work and the improvements in attendance, punctuality and behaviour are fantastic. We could not manage without Nicki now and cannot recommend them highly enough."
Lindsay Timms, Headteacher, Cottam Primary School

"I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for Sarah. Sarah is a different girl altogether. She is back to how she was 2 years ago. As you know she was very apprehensive at first about coming to see you, especially after the way things had gone at school. Sarah couldn’t believe how relaxed and easy it was to come and talk to you, whether on the phone or in person, and i know that if Sarah needs you in the future she would get in touch with you and you would help her. I would highly recommend you to anyone I thought who were having similar problems."