HART Prize for Human Rights 2019 winners

The HART Prize for Human Rights aims to raise awareness of global conflict and poverty amongst young people in the UK. Anyone between the ages of 11-25 are encouraged to enter an essay or creative piece which critically examines the human rights abuses occurring in any of the countries where HART operates. It is a fantastic opportunity to inspire the next generation to engage with crucial humanitarian issues that are often absent from the mainstream media. 

Winners are rewarded with a cash prize, Tea in the House of Lords with HART Founder and CEO, Baroness Cox and work experience at the HART office. All entrants are invited to the Prize Giving ceremony where they are awarded a certificate to acknowledge their participation and achievement. 

This year, we were overwhelmed with 222 entries and faced an extremely difficult decision when judging the pieces. From essays and poems to canvas paintings and original songs, it was a pleasure to see so many young people express complex and distressing concepts through positive and creative mediums. 

Hart prize for Human rights logoWe wish to congratulate again those who placed in this year’s competition: 


Junior Essay: 

1. Isabella Kwiecinski 

2. Audrea Wang 

3. Alexia Lowe 


Junior Creative: 

1. Yudeesha Sen and Shalet Scariah 

2. Tingting Zhang and Rachel Deakin 

3. Hattie Bunce and Noah Adams 

4. Neviah-Rae Shako and Charlotte Sollars 


Intermediate Essay

1. Emily Emiru 

2. Gillian Gyamfi 

3. Aili Channer 


Intermediate Creative: 

1. Martha Langley 

2. Beck Broom and Opefoluwa Sarah Adegbite 

3. Joshua Shortman 


Senior Essay: 

1. Amber Amelia Smith 

2. Thomas Jaynes 

3. Maya Muller 


Senior Creative: 

1. Hay-Ching Tang 

2. Alex Parnham-Cope and Mandhla Ashley Mavolwane 

3. Sana Arooj Mahmood 


2019/2020 HART Prize for Human Rights Competition 

Applications for the 2019/2020 competition open on November 1st 2019. 

We will be seeking a part-time HART Prize Intern from August 2019. This internship will involve splitting time between our office in Northwest London and visiting schools around the UK to give presentations on HART and our HART Prize for Human Rights. 

If you know of any recent school leavers who might like to apply, please contact lola.yusuf@hart-uk.org for more information. 

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust - HART - have announced the 2019 deadline for the HART Prize for Human Rights. The Prize includes two competitions, an essay and a creative competition, which encourage young people (aged 11 – 25) to examine and engage critically with human rights, focusing on the areas in which HART works.

It is a fantastic opportunity to inspire young people to learn about current global affairs, encourage them to undertake their own research and creative work and help raise awareness of overlooked human rights issues amongst their peers. 

Students can enter one or both of the competitions, in one of the following age categories: 

Top prizes include £250 cash (advanced), £50 vouchers (intermediate/junior), Tea in the House of Lords with Baroness Cox and work experience at the HART office. All entrants will be awarded a certificate to acknowledge their participation and achievement. 

“We are always inspired by the commitment to Human Rights which the candidates demonstrate, coupled with compassion and outstanding talent. We are deeply encouraged to know that such inspirational young people will be available to promote justice and human rights our world in the years to come.” Baroness Cox, HART Founder and CEO

Students need to submit their work before 11:59pm on Monday 2nd March via the HART Website. 

Teachers should visit www.hart-uk.org/humanrightsprize or get in touch with Lola Yusuf for more information, lesson or homework ideas, posters and flyers.