CSG - Cleaning up in the world of waste

Industry leading waste management company CSG operates throughout the UK, from 27 waste treatment and transport facilities, offering everything from household sewage services to industrial and commercial waste disposal. 

With a 500 strong staff base, it offers bespoke waste collection, treatment, recovery and disposal services.

Established in 1934, CSG is strongly motivated by the goal of diverting waste from landfill, recovering and recycling as much as possible from the waste streams that they handle.

Part of what makes CSG unique is its diverse range of services, covering everything from sewage collection, interceptor cleaning to effluent treatment, aluminium recycling, tank cleaning, precious metal recovery, chemical spill response and much more.

CSG’s in-house transportation network enables the company to collect a huge range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams from most UK locations, whilst specialist treatment and recovery centres utilise bespoke technology to treat, recover and recycle the collected waste.

Given that almost all industries produce waste of some sort, there is no shortage of companies or sectors thatCSG - Cleaning up in the world of waste know the CSG name, with more than 1,000 customers, including internationally recognised names, supermarket chains, SMEs, electroplating companies and many more. 
The need for a reliable and low-cost waste disposal service is growing increasingly more important due to strict legislation and the squeeze on costs within the UK manufacturing industry. For many sectors, it has proven more cost-effective to outsource disposal to CSG. 

Specialist industrial services offered include hazardous waste management, providing advice, removal, transportation and treatment of dangerous substances.

Oily waste collection and treatment – particularly problematic for companies – is another highly sought-after service. 

CSG’s nationwide fleet of specialist waste management vehicles can collect oil in either bulk form or in individual drums, IBCs or containers and the company can handle all kinds of oils including automotive oil, brake fluid, diesel, hydraulic oil, solvents, soluble oil and transformer oil. 

CSG also has an extensive after-sales support, with low cost repair and maintenance services, as well as a highly dependable 24-hour emergency cover. If, for example, a sewage treatment plant or interceptor fails, CSG’s expert technicians can identify the cause of the problem and provide a solution, such as a repair or even the installation of a new system. 

The fact that the company carries both transportation and treatment means customers only need to deal with one supplier, making the challenge of their waste disposal simpler and more efficient, through CSG’s end-to-end service.

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