50% less sugar - hot chocolate drinks

DELICIOUS Hot Chocolate – with 50% Less Sugar –  with hot chocolate being the most popular hot drink between 11 to 18 year olds, and with ever increasing levels of obesity in our society – the compact table top dispensers have been designed especially for schools to offer a 50% less sugar drink. There are two models available – just hot chocolate on its own, or with fat free skimmed milk for added Choco-latte, this offers a healthier option than all the leading brands of hot chocolate.

Most secondary and higher education establishments offer hot chocolate drinks and traditionally, the hot chocolate they serve is very high in sugar, the Van Houten 50% less sugar hot chocolate is supplied in 10 x 750g bags and offers a HEALTHIER alternative to other chocolate powders on the market.

We can offer both School Compliant Leases as well as standard lease rental agreements – for academies this will depend upon your Funding Agreement whereas all LEA schools can only enter in to school compliant lease.Image removed.

At just £14.99 per week per machine you only need to sell just 7 hot chocolate drinks per day to break even. Sell 50 per day and generate over £5000 profit for your school (based on a 3year agreement and calculated on a 36 week trading year) The machines are fully inclusive of 3 years parts and labour warranty.

OBESITY – has been much publicised across the Media and many voices within the NHS over the increasing costs year on year in treating obesity and rising and concerning levels of diabetes in our children. The government is introducing a sugar levy/tax on soft drink manufacturers in April 2018 on soft drinks – highlights the concerns and effects of high sugar levels in our food and drink.

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