Time to celebrate UK’s Global Educators

For the last 3 years, Think Global has been running the Global Educator of the Year Award, which recognises educators who have gone above and beyond in raising awareness and deepening understanding of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and encouraging people to take action.

Educators have an important role to play in inspiring and educating young people to live and work in a complex, volatile and globalised world; which is no easy task! These educators are preparing a generation of global citizens with knowledge of global issues and developing their skills to work towards positive social change. 

Previous shortlisted projects include a Dragons’ Den style competition; a Global Maths Project; a project that raises awareness about food waste and sustainability while working with local businesses to provide free meals for school children; and a student-run newspaper which encourages everyone in the school community to think critically about the world around them. For inspiration, you can read about last year’s finalists here.

Global EducatorThe impact of these educator’s work can be enormous though often they have little support and recognition.  We believe it is important that these champions of global learning are recognised, and their excellent work profiled, to encourage and catalyse others to engage in global learning.  

  • Do you know an educator who has found creative ways to engage young people in global learning
  • Has this educator raised awareness about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals amongst their students and/or the whole school?
  • Have they inspired students to take action on a global issue?  

The winner will:

  • Receive a cash prize
  • Be invited to the Global Educator of the Year Awards ceremony in July 2018 at a central London location.
  • Be showcased as a best practice on the Global Dimensions website and at education and global learning seminars and events throughout the year.
Here are a few things you can do to give recognition to the excellent Global Educators out there:
  1. Promote the award by sharing this link: https://globaldimension.org.uk and using the hashtag #GEYA2018 on social media
  2. Nominate an educator you feel deserves to be recognised for the work they are doing. Simply complete this short nomination form on our Global Dimension website by Friday 11 May 2018.
  3. Share a blog on your website about SDGs in the classroom – and share using the hashtag #GEYA2018