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Kitchen Manager & Meal Selection All the Apps you need for school food service at your fingertips • • • • • • • • • • Whiteboard pre-selection of meals Supports learning about healthy food culture SIMS integration: attendance, meal rating, feedback Helps with new OFSTED inspections Reports & analyses for council, caterer, school Stocktake: integrated ordering HR information Instant information for cooks Health & Safety Audits Framework procurement saving time & money NEW RULES for SCHOOL FOOD* Caterers & school leaders to give governors reports on: take-up ; healthy food learning & teaching; standards & compliance. KM Apps support this. All on tablets making Cypad Kitchen Manager and Meal Selection, easy to use and implement without the need for extra space, or IT equipment. Contact: Telephone: 0117 942 7882 Cypad is an approved supplier on the YPO Electronic Kitchen Management 684 Framework link: